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Erica J West RN, IBCLC, LAc

Having experience in both the allopathic and Chinese medicine fields, Erica J West RN, LAc, emphasizes a natural, holistic approach to healing in an era dominated by westernized medicine. Using the tenets of classical Chinese acupuncture, which includes cupping, acupressure, and moxa, coupled with her extensive training in Qigong and Taiji, she recognizes the profound healing effects of ancient eastern traditions. She uses such energetic practices to treat not only the symptoms of disease, but also their root cause, thereby addressing the whole body and providing a positive therapeutic approach to enacting greater health. Ms. West specializes in pain management (sports injuries, sciatica, plantar fasciitis to name a few), facial rejuvenation (cosmetic acupuncture), mental health and well-being (such as stress, depression, and drug and alcohol cessation), and women's health (gynecological issues, infertility, issues during pregnancy such as pain, morning sickness, and mal- position of fetus). She also is a strong advocate for breast feeding and has recently become a certified lactation consultant.

 Golden Flower Acupuncture Philadelphia, PA


Erica J West
 419 S 19th St, Lower Level
Philadelphia, PA 19146