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 BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!  Allergy season is around the corner. Prepare your immune defenses now to prevent seasonal allergies. Regular acupuncture sessions boosts the immune system  decreasing the severity of allergies.  Mention the words "Immune Boost" and receive $10 off your first session, or buy a package of 3 for $175!

FREE CONSULT: Still not sure what acupuncture can do for you? Schedule a free 15 minute consult to meet Erica and ask questions about Chinese medicine.

 Gift Certificates always available. Call or email for more information: (215)735-0404 or erica@goldenfloweracupuncture.com 

 Golden Flower Acupuncture Philadelphia, PA


Erica J West
 419 S 19th St, Lower Level
Philadelphia, PA 19146